Idris Elba training to become a professional kickboxer for new TV doc

The actor’s quest to become a kickboxer is being filmed for three-part doc

Idris Elba is training to become a kickboxer, fulfilling a “lifelong ambition”.

The Luther actor’s quest is being filmed for a new three-part documentary series which will air on Discovery in 2017 and promises to give a personal insight into Elba.

The Wire star is not completely new to the sport, having done fitness kickboxing in his 20s.

Elba will be mentored by former world champions, trainers and coaches and travel to Cuba, Japan, South Africa and Thailand as part of his quest to become a professional fighter.

In the show’s finale, Elba will take on a seasoned kickboxer in the ring to test his mettle.

In an Instagram post, Elba revealed that he was in final preparations for his first bout, writing “two days before the first fight”.

Cutting weight, two days before first fight, mind in the right place. Fear NO guy.

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Elba is also set to star in the upcoming Thor film, which is currently midway through filming.

Last month, the actor said that a Luther film was on his wish list.