Kanye responds to Drake pool challenge and says he still hasn’t decided on name for new album

West still hasn’t decided on a name for his new album

Kanye West revealed that he is still deliberating over the name for his upcoming album and opened up about his beef with Wiz Khalifa in a radio interview earlier today (February 4).

The ‘Yeezus’ rapper said that he still hasn’t decided on what to call his seventh album, due to be released next week.

“We don’t have a name yet,” he told Real 92.3 host Big Boy.


West went on to say that his latest album features gospel music with some of his own additions: “This is a gospel album with a lot of cursing on it.”

The interview also touched on West’s recent Twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa. Last week, West attacked the Pittsburgh rapper after he took issue with his previously announced album title, ‘Waves’. In a series of tweets, West claimed that he “owned” the child Khalifa has together with model Amber Rose. Rose previously dated West.

Earlier this week, West said the two had buried the hatchet in a phone conversation.

West said: “We chopped it up, squashed it. For people who felt a way about the kids comment, I didn’t mean it in a harmful way. I just saw my wife’s initial and I reacted, cause that’s my family. People be thinkin’… [Kim] is open season. That’s the mother of my kid! And I’m ‘Ye. I don’t want to act like I’m the toughest… but I want to act like a family man… It was great to have closure, it was great to just talk and build.”

He confirmed that a recent photo in which his wife Kim Kardashian posed together with Amber Rose is genuine: “That is a real picture. They were at Kris’ house.”

West also addressed a claim made by Drake in his recently released song ’Summer Sixteen’ that he owns a larger swimming pool than him. “I have three pools,” he replied.