Andre 3000 invites fellow Uber Pool passenger to Kanye West’s studio

The rapper’s fellow passenger had the surprise of her life

Andre 3000 brought a random fan that he shared an Uber with to Kanye West’s studio.

The OutKast rapper accidentally ordered an Uber Pool, where one driver picks up multiple people, rather than a single passenger Uber when on his way to join West for a recording session.

According to TMZ, Andre bonded with his fellow passenger and invited her join him in at the LA studio where he introduced her to Kanye, French Montana, Diddy, Kid Cudi and 2 Chainz.

West is putting the finishing touches to his upcoming seventh album ‘Waves’ ahead of its February 11 release date.

One of the album’s tracks, ‘No More Parties In LA’, was unveiled last week. The track is the first time that West and Kendrick Lamar have collaborated together.

Earlier this week, West blasted Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa on Twitter in response to a tweet that he claimed made reference to his wife Kim Kardashian. West later deleted the insulting tweets after Khalifa denied he was referring to Kardashian. He’s since expressed regret for his derogatory remarks.

West is due to perform on Saturday Night Live on February 13 following the release of his new album.