Danny Brown hints that new album is on the way

The Detroit rapper also revealed his favourite records of 2015

Danny Brown dropped a hint about his next album in response to a question from a fan on Twitter.

The Detroit rapper revealed that his follow-up to 2013’s ‘Old’ is currently in the works and could arrive later this year. Brown was responding to a fan who asked whether he has any plans to livestream himself playing videogames again. He answered by saying that he would “when it’s time to start promoting the next album.”

Last September, Brown and Tyler the Creater streamed themselves running amok in GTA V on the video-game streaming platform Twitch.

Brown also responded to a number of questions about what music he enjoyed last year. In answer to a fan asking what his favourite album of 2015 was he said: “Sufjan Stevens “Carrie & Lowell”and Natalie Prass self titled was my favorite releases of last year”.

“I mean [Sufjan Stevens] is from Detroit and made a album called Michigan that was epic how could I not be a fan,” he added.

Brown also fielded questions about his favourite albums by specific rappers. He revealed that ‘Late Registration’ and ‘Yeezus’ were his two favourite Kanye West records and said he also admired Kendrick Lamar’s Section 80, and I Came From Nothing 2 by Young Thug, among others.