Eurovision 2016 will see Joe and Jake represent the UK

The public picked them in an X Factor-style competition

Joe and Jake will represent the UK at Eurovision Song Contest later this year after the duo won BBC 4’s live Eurovision: You Decide show on Friday night.

The pair will perform their winning song ‘You’re Not Alone’ at the competition in Stockholm on May 14. They first met while competing separately in BBC talent show The Voice.

The judging panel included Katrina Leskanich, who won Eurovision for the UK in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves’ track ‘Love Shine a Light’ in 1997. She said she couldn’t get melody to ‘You’re Not Alone’ out of her head.


Other judges included vocal coach, Carrie Grant and choreographer Jay Revell, he the pair had an “absolutely awesome stage presence” and thought they could do some Bucks Fizz-style moves.

Joe Woolford and Jake Shakeshaft competed against soloists Bianca, Matthew James and Karl William Lund, a band named Dulcima and another duo called Darline.

The show also included a touching tribute to late TV presenter Terry Wogan, who famously commentated on Eurovision for a number of years.

Eurovision will take on a different format this year, as both juries and public voters award each act a set of points. The points awarded to all 43 participating countries will then be combined and presented by the hosts.

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