Apple Music passes ten million subscribers

The streaming service reached the mark after just over six months

Apple Music has surpassed ten million subscribers, just over six months after their launch at the end of June 2015.

The streaming service simultaneously launched in over 100 countries in June, and while Spotify remains the clear market leaders in terms of subscribers, the service has made rapid inroads in signing up paid listeners.

According to the Financial Times, Spotify passed ten million subscribers in August 2014, but had comfortably doubled that number at the time of Apple’s launch, and also has a large number of monthly listeners who are not subscribed.

Tidal, which surpassed one million subscribers in October, is also adding to an increasingly crowded and competitive market.


Apple Music got off to a shaky start, with initial plans rumoured to include not paying artists for listens during a subscribers’ unpaid trial period.

Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to the company shortly before their launch in June, convincing Apple to change their mind.

A week before release, the streaming service’s boss commented on the issue and announced a change of heart, saying:

“We’ve been hearing a lot of concern from indie artists about not getting paid during the three-month trial period, which was never our intent. We never looked at it as not paying them. We had originally negotiated these deals based on paying them a higher royalty rate on an ongoing basis to compensate for this brief time. But when I woke up this morning and saw what Taylor had written, it really solidified that we needed to make a change. And so that’s why we decided we will now pay artists during the trial period and we’ll also keep the royalty rate at the higher rate.”