Watch – James Corden and Meghan Trainor spurn New Year’s resolutions in parody video

'All About That Change' rejects conventional New Year's resolutions

Meghan Trainor and James Corden have teamed up to undermine New Year’s resolutions, via a parody of Trainor’s breakthrough hit ‘All About That Bass’.

In the skit Corden dressed up as Trainor to sing ‘All About That Change’, as part of Corden’s US chat show, The Late Late Show With James Corden.

His show last year featured a 2015 update of Alanis Morissette’s 1996 hit single ‘Ironic’, with the host again dressed up as his musical guest.

‘All About That Change’ starts with lyrics about cutting back on alcohol and doing more exercise, before rejecting resolutions. Lyrics include “I haven’t gone to the gym or met with the trainer I hired/can I pay someone to go tell him that he is fired?” See the full song below:

In September last year the songwriter behind ‘All About That Bass’ claimed he had received only $5,679 (£3,700) in royalties from streams of the song, despite the track being played over 178 million times.

Kevin Kadish co-wrote the 2014 single with Trainor. The song was the first to enter the UK Singles Chart based on streams alone and spent four weeks at Number One.

Speaking at a meeting hosted by the US House Judiciary Committee at a university in Tennessee, Kadish described the challenge facing songwriters in the digital age. “I’ve never heard a songwriter complain about radio royalties as much as streaming royalties,” he said. “That was the real issue for us, like one million streams equals $90 (£59).”

“For a song like ‘All About That Bass’, that I wrote, which had 178 million streams. I mean $5,679? That’s my share,” Kadish added. “That’s as big a song as a songwriter can have in their career and number one in 78 countries. But you’re making $5,600 (£3,700). How do you feed your family?”