The Prodigy’s Keith Flint becomes the target of Anonymous following fox hunting claims

The activist group call The Prodigy singer a "traitorous fuckwit"

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint has become the latest target of activist group Anonymous.

Following recent news that the Prodigy frontman has reportedly taken up fox hunting, the group have released a clip declaring their anger at the musician’s newfound hobby.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, features a masked figure who says: “It has come to our attention that Keith has a fetish for murdering animals. It has come to our attention that Keith has been rubbing shoulders with Tory criminals whilst out fox hunting.”


The two-and-a-half minute clip goes on to call Flint “traitorous fuckwit” for reneging on his band’s one-time anti-establishment stance: “We once had a great deal of respect for you – we admired your art, your rage, your vision and your haircut.

“But now, Anonymous have targeted you with the message because you disgrace what we stand for.”

The clip concludes with an ominous warning: “You still have a chance to change your ways, Keith. One year should do it. Expect us.”

NMETom Oxley/NME

In the original Daily Mail report, Flint is alleged to have invested in several hunting horses with a source telling the paper that his “enthusiasm for the sport is the talk of Essex hunting circles.”

Flint is yet to comment on the story.