V Festival organisers dismiss rumours Justin Bieber has pulled out

Cancellation rumours began to spread after Bieber fans reacted badly to his exit from Instagram

The organisers of V Festival have dismissed rumours that Justin Bieber has cancelled his headline sets in Essex and Staffordshire this weekend.

Rumours suggesting the pop singer might pull out of V Festival began spreading after some fans reacted badly to his decision to delete his Instagram account earlier this week.

“The story that Justin Bieber is pulling out of V Festival is completely untrue,” a festival representative told the Essex Chronicle.

“Disgruntled fans started a rumour on Twitter, but it is complete nonsense. It is really annoying that it has come to the surface so close to the festival. We can guarantee that he is coming and it is going to be brilliant,” the representative added.

Bieber deleted his Instagram account earlier this week as he became embroiled in a public spat with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

During the dispute, Gomez accused Bieber on cheating on her while they were together, and Bieber told fans he would make his account private unless they stopped aiming “hate” at pictures he shared of his rumoured new girlfriend Sofia Richie, the 17 year-old daughter of Lionel Richie.

Meanwhile, Bieber has said in a recent interview that he wouldn’t change “much” of the “dumb shit” he may have done when he was growing up in the public eye.