Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry on studio fire: ‘I’m trying to find out from God why it happened’

Dub legend recently burned his studio down after leaving a candle lit

Dub pioneer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry has discussed a recent incident which saw his studio burn down.

The Jamaican music producer informed fans earlier this month that his Secret Laboratory (aka Blue Ark) studio in Switzerland had burned down in a fire after he left a candle lit.

“My whole secret laboratory burned out,” Perry wrote on Facebook at the time.

Now Perry has spoken to Red Bull Music Academy for a new interview in which he explained: “I was doing a song and then another song come into my mind, so I go down to the studio again. I go to bed at about six o’clock in the morning, and when I come up from downstairs I forget to blow out the candle – it was on top of a bible. Sometimes, Mireille [Perry’s wife] always come and say, ‘Look, the candle,’ and me never remember [to] go look because I go to bed too late.”

“My story is that these people working obeah to achieve vanity,” Perry continued. “The Upsetter name is big and they want to take it, so them send duppy obeah fire, but fire make the firmament, so fire can do anything. No one have power over fire; only water can tax the fire, and even fire fight water with the water tax.”

“Anything that happen, I don’t ask it to happen, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next. What happened did happen, and nothing can happen unless God make it happen. So that’s why I’m in Jamaica, to find out from God why it happened.”

See photos from the fire above and below.

NMEFacebook/Lee Scratch Perry
NMEFacebook/Lee Scratch Perry

Earlier this year Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s single with XL Recordings founder Richard Russell was made available to purchase by bartering with the label.