MF DOOM planning a big 2016

There's still no date for the Ghostface Killah collaboration album, though

Masked hip-hop star MF DOOM has given a rare interview from his island retreat, promising a big year in 2016.

Talking to Hypetrak, the rapper – who has worked with the likes of Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn and Portishead‘s Beth Gibbons over the last few years – gave some ideas on what to expect from the coming year, without going into any specifics.

“I got a lot of good shit coming up this year,” DOOM says in the three-minute interview. “I know I’ve been off y’all’s scope for awhile because I’ve been in the cut. I’ve been healing and resting up and shit. Getting ready to fuck y’all up.”


Hypetrak also talk of forthcoming album ‘DOOMstarks’, a collaboration with Ghostface Killah which could follow on from ‘Lively Hood’, the pair’s single released as part of the Adult Swim singles series earlier this year. The album’s been in the pipeline since as early as 2008.


DOOM was refused entry to the US following a European tour a few years ago, and told the Guardian back in 2012 “Do I have a green card? I don’t know about that shit.” He was born in London.

At least some of DOOM’s shows have been performed by someone else in DOOM’s place.

Watch the interview via YouTube, below:

And to DOOMstarks single ‘Lively Hood’ via Soundcloud, below: