Mayor of London Sadiq Khan responds to calls to save Fabric nightclub

Khan urged the club and local authorities to find an approach that allows the club to reopen

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has responded to calls to prevent the closure of Fabric nightclub.

The Farringdon club has had its license suspended after the deaths of two teenagers from suspected drug overdoses.

An 18-year-old male collapsed outside Fabric earlier this month and was pronounced dead shortly after. It follows the death of another 18-year-old who fell ill at the venue in June.


On Twitter, Khan urged the Metropolitan Police and Islington Council to come to a resolution that allows the club to reopen.

“I’m urging #Fabric, the Met & Islington to find an approach that protects clubbers’ safety & the future of the club,” he wrote.

A number of prominent DJs, including Skream, Daniel Avery, Scuba and Butterz’s co-founder Elijah, have appealed to the Mayor to intervene on Fabric’s behalf.

After temporarily shutting for the weekend, Fabric will now remain closed and a license review will be held in the next 28 days.


A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police said: “Officers felt the need to act due to concerns about the safety of those attending the club because of the supply of class A drugs in the venue and the recent deaths of two young men linked to the club.”

Fabric has not issued a statement regarding the development but speaking ahead of its weekend closure, it said: “For the past two years fabric has operated without incident but tragically in the past nine weeks two 18-year-old boys have died as a consequence of drug overdoses. In order to understand how this has happened we have agreed with the police and other agencies to suspend our operation while we investigate. The club will therefore be closed this weekend”.

Over the past three years, Fabric has come under intense scrutiny from the Metropolitan Police and Islington council over drug-related incidents.

In December 2014, the police asked the council to consider revoking the club’s license after four deaths in the previous three years.

Fabric remained open with strict conditions imposed on its license, including sniffer dogs and ID scans. But the club fought the decision and won an appeal in December 2015, overturning the conditions.