Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike promises ‘darker’ third album

He's hoping to wrap it up by July

Run The Jewels‘ Killer Mike has said that a ‘darker, harder, meaner, angrier’ third album will be released by the rap duo later this year.

In an interview with HipHopWired.Com, the rapper explained how he had been “smoking weed, eating shrooms and watching Big Trouble In Little China everyday” during the making of Run The Jewels 3 – which he hopes to have wrapped by July 7.

Describing the sound of the record, he said: “You know what we’re doing, we’re going zany. We’re going dark. I think we have some stuff that will touch your soul.”

But he also told fans that it might not be a lengthy affair, and it’s all down to our attention spans, apparently.

“People got shit to do,” he said.

“So they want to get to it.”

; )

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Killer Mike’s latest update on the duo’s third album comes after bandmate El-P shared a brief of the band’s studio sessions on Instagram.

He also provided an update on Twitter in March, writing: “pleased to report #RTJ3 is halfway done, the goal of a 2016 release is achievable and a safer, more profitable global economy in our grasp.”

Last month, the duo also released a virtual reality 360° music video on YouTube for ‘Crown’, taken from 2014 album Run The Jewels 2