Adele surprises ill fan with video call during show

The singer video spoke to the sick fan in middle of her LA show

Adele surprised a fan who was too ill to attend her concert by video calling them in the middle of her performance.

The British singer asked two audience members to join her during her gig at Los Angeles Stapes Center.

After one of them told the star that her girlfriend was ill and unable to make the show, Adele insisted that they call her live on stage.

“Hello Marisa. I was saying even though you are ill I’m really glad you didn’t come to the front row and make me ill,” she joked during the video call. “Thanks so much for staying at home.”

Another concertgoer Nicoletta van der Loo captured the moment and posted the footage on Facebook.

During her current LA run, Adele revealed that she has turned down an offer to perform at next year’s Super Bowl half-time show.