Girl Band share video for ‘Pears for Lunch’ – watch

The Dubliners are building up to the release of 'Holding Hands with Jamie'

Girl Band have released a video to accompany the second single from their debut album ‘Holding Hands with Jamie’, entitled ‘Pears for Lunch’.

Built around a man with a TV for a head, the video involves a wedding, visit to the gym and couch scenes starring the unusual character. The track itself was launched by Huw Stephen’s on BBC Radio 1 last week.

In an interview with NME last month, Girl Band vocalist Dara Kiely talked about the various influences on the album, including his own periods of intense depression.

“It’s a weirdly personal album, even though it’s not obvious,” Kiely told Gary Ryan. “I had a messy break-up which led to a psychotic episode and a breakdown where I had to take a year off college and get better. And just went through depression and thought I couldn’t write again. It took me a year to feel good within myself again.”

“The whole album is those emotions I went through; the phases of depression and the rehabilitation.”

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

Talking of the album, bassist Daniel Fox said “We’re into old music, so the aim of the album is that ten years down the line, someone will discover the record and be influenced by it.”

‘Holding Hands with Jamie’ is due on September 25 on Rough Trade.

Check out the video below: