Irish newcomer ‘Rocstrong’ soundtracks Coen Brothers trailer – watch

'Go 'Head' is the backing track for 'Hail, Cesar'

Irish funk/ soul newcomer Rocstrong has leapt into Hollywood, with the unlikely choice of single ‘Go ‘Head’ to feature in the trailer for the Coen Brothers’ latest movie ‘Hail, Cesar’.

‘Hail, Cesar’ will not be set in Rome, but instead tells the story of a 1920s movie about the Roman Empire. The focus is a cast member that disappeared from the set during filming, and attempts to find him.

According to, Rocstrong has been receiving a reasonable amount of radio play within Ireland, and ‘Go ‘Head’ was “one of the biggest breakthrough debut hits for an Irish artist last year,” but Andre J.P Bangala’s step up to fronting a Hollywood trailer is an unlikely story.

Talking to Ros Madigan of GoldenPlec, Bangala described how the track came to be used:

“It’s actually a licensing company I am with in LA they advertise me over there and push for these types of deals, there has been other offers but this is the one we all think keeps the power you get from listening to the song.”