Jeremy Corbyn uses obscure ’70s Detroit soul B-side as his conference exit track

The 1971 track is by defunct Michigan act Chairmen of the Board

Jeremy Corbyn has used an obscure track by Detroit soul act Chairmen of the Board as his exit music following his first speech as leader at this week’s Labour Party Conference.

The track – entitled ‘Working On A Building Of Love’ – has the chorus line “I’m working on a building of love, I’m going to build it in the name of everyone“, and seems designed to reflect the equality-focused elements of Corbyn’s speech.

The Detroit act are perhaps best known for their US Number Three single ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’, which was later released by Kylie Minogue as a 1992 cover version single. Kylie’s version peaked at Number Two in the UK charts.


(below – a fact about Corbyn from NME’s ‘20 Things You Need To Know‘ on the new Labour man).

NMESam Taylor/NME

Corbyn’s speech focused on inequality, saying that Britain “can and must change,” and promising to create a “kinder politics and a more caring society”. Speaking for just under an hour, he chose not to deliver the traditional section on a leader’s family background, and instead talked mainly of ambition and spoke out against austerity.

Corbyn has previously outlined policies that promise to invest in arts and music, including teaching every child to play a musical instrument.

A number of artists have spoken out in support of the new Labour leader, with Sleaford Mods Jason Williamson saying: “I’ve not looked into a lot of the stuff he’s been talking about but it reeks of compassion and that’s what you want. There is none of that about at all. I don’t get that from anybody, anybody from Westminster really. Probably about a little bit of an inch of it came out of Ed Miliband sometimes, but generally speaking, everyone speaks in riddles.”

At a gig in Plymouth, Morrissey said: “You know he’s a vegetarian? He doesn’t like the monarchy? He hates war? They’re going to assassinate him.”

Listen to the track via YouTube below: