One Direction Announce New Album ‘Made In The AM’

Album track 'Infinity' available online now

One Direction have announced a new album, ‘Made In The AM’.

Their fifth album in five years is set for release globally on November 13. A new album track, ‘Infinity’, written by the team behind ‘Story Of My Life’, has been made available online to tease the LP.

‘Infinity’ follows the first single from ‘Made In The AM’, ‘Drag Me Down’, which hit Number One in the UK and Number Three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA.


Listen here:

They made the album announcement via a video message, which you can see below:

The band also joined the popular messaging app, Snapchat, for the first time today, ahead of their gig at the Apple Music Festival, which takes place tonight (September 22) at the Camden Roundhouse.

One Direction start their tour ‘On The Road Again’ this week, which includes six nights at London’s O2 Arena, starting September 24. See their new album cover below:




Liam Payne recently discussed the band’s future following news that the group will take a break next year. The boy band’s decision to go separate their ways after their current tour came just months after former member Zayn Malik departed the group.

Speaking to UK magazine Attitude, Payne ruled out that the hiatus is shorthand for the band splitting altogether. “I realise now this is the time to start branching out and exploring,” Payne said. “This won’t last forever, and there will be a point when we will break off and do our own things, but… we will work together again.”

He added, “A lot of people say to me, ‘Oh, you’ll go solo,’ but I haven’t thought about that. If the right song comes along and I think I should sing it, then I will release it as a solo artist. Otherwise, I’m happy being behind the scenes. When the others boys [in the group] go solo, I would love to write songs for them. I want to make great music that people want to listen to.”

Meanwhile, the band’s Harry Styles was recently deemed responsible for an increase in criticism for US aquatic theme park chain SeaWorld.

It originated from an incident at a show in San Diego in July, when Styles asked the crowd, “Does anybody like dolphins?”. With the audience screaming “Yes” in response, the star added, “Don’t go to SeaWorld.”

SeaWorld has long been criticised, both for keeping animals in captivity and for their treatment of marine mammals. The 2013 documentary film Blackfish focused on SeaWorld’s treatment of killer whales.

Now, research by the investment bank Credit Suisse shows that there’s been a huge increase in both the amount of publicity surrounding SeaWorld and the percentage of negative commentary.

See a graph of the findings below:

NMECredit Suisse