Man dies at Techno Parade, Paris, after falling from statue

350,000 attended the annual event on September 19

A man has passed away after falling from a statue during Paris music festival Techno Parade on Saturday (September 19).

The unnamed man fell from a 25-metre high statue in Place de la République, which is located in the north-east of Paris.

The Independent reports that the man may have been encouraged by crowds to climb higher on the statue before he fell, and that many attendees climbed on statues and buildings in order to get a better view during the crowded event.

The organisers have since posted on their Facebook page that they only learned of the accident after the one day event had finished. They also said that their hearts are with the family and loved ones of the deceased.


Techno Parade is now in its 17th year, having risen in protest to a perception that the French government were looking to repress electronic music as its popularity increased approaching the turn of the century.

The event traditionally has floats featuring different trance outlets and clubs, with one of this year’s focuses put on the Seoul dance scene.

When NME reviewed the event back in 2003, we wrote:

“As the parade winds its way throughout the city’s poshest districts, people look out of their windows appalled. They see kids dancing on top of bus stops, hanging from trees and spraying their hair red, blue and green, or making their way onto the Magic Garden float. There’s no alternative but to revel in the crush of a massive crowd of ecstatic strangers. Forget 2-step and UK garage, in Paris… techno lives!”

The festival posted the following picture from the parade this year on their Facebook page. Fans have been adding their condolences to those of the organisers:

On vient de passer devant la place de la Bastille, rejoignez – nous !

Posted by TECHNO PARADE (OFFICIEL) on Saturday, 19 September 2015