TI and Iggy Azalea are no longer working together due to Azalea’s Q-Tip beef

The Azalea vs Q-Tip saga was a step too far for Azalea's long-time collaborator

Iggy Azalea‘s extended partnership with rapper and producer TI has come to an end, according to TI, with the Australian singer’s extension of an argument with Q-Tip late last year proving the final straw.

Talking to ‘Ebro In The Morning’ on New York radio station Hot 97, TI said he decided not to work with Azalea any more “after the Q-Tip thing“, identifying the beef which saw Q-Tip send Azalea a series of tweets on the history of rap. Azalea later called the tweets “patronising”, adding: “I’m not going to play hip-hop squares with a stranger to somehow prove I deserve to be a fan or deserve to be influenced by hip-hop.”

The Q-Tip argument followed another beef in December of last year, in which Azealia Banks accused the Australian of picking and choosing from black culture but ignoring larger issues, such as protests sparked by the deaths of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police.

TI asked Azalea to concentrate on the music back in January, but clarified the Q-Tip situation this week.

“I kind of smoothed it over, everything was cool,” TI said, “then she kind of came back and undid what I just did.”

TI agreed that he “got tired of cleaning it up”, before adding: “I’m a loyal partner, you know? And if I write with you, I’m going to write with you. And if we write wrong, I’m going to get out of there and discuss it with you and we’ll write another one, you know? I’m going to block the bullets, you go. And when I say go, go, you know what I mean?”

NMEJess Baumung/NME

TI didn’t get too harsh on Azalea, though, referring to her throughout large parts of the interview as they (the team), and explaining his angle on some of the Aussie rapper’s behaviour:

“In her defence,” he adds, “she had a lot thrown at her at one time. Any human being anywhere would have a hard time with that shit.”

“She kind of shotgun sprayed everything. We were looking for a source, we were looking for a space to place some aggression, do you know what I mean? But she’s not from here, man. They just got it for no reason. Some stuff they bought upon themselves.”

TI was executive producer on Azalea’s debut album, ‘The New Classic’, as well as working on the ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Glory’ EPs. Azalea recently revealed she has already completed six songs for her next album, having earlier scrapped an entire album’s worth of music.

You can view the half-hour interview below: