Django Django ‘dying to make another album already’

The band also say the left wing needs to 'find its voice' in the UK

Django Django have said they are “dying to make another album already”, just four months after the release of their second LP, ‘Born Under Saturn’.

The band will not have the opportunity to record new material until they finish touring in February 2016.

Speaking to The Independent, the band explained that they wanted their live act to have an impact on the way their next record sounds. A lot of the material on ‘Born Under Saturn’ was a “hangover” from their first, self-titled album. “Now it feels like a clean slate. We can do whatever we want.”

The London-based four-piece, two of whom are Scottish, also commented on the SNP’s landslide Scottish victory in the General Election, saying it was important for the left wing to “find its voice” throughout the UK.

Drummer/producer David Maclean said, “I would rather the UK stayed the UK and became a socialist country. It’s split only because people in Scotland can’t really see that happening.”

NMETom Martin/NME


The most recent music the band have produced has been for May 2015’s ‘Slow West’, a Western film starring Michael Fassbender and directed by David Maclean’s brother, and former Beta Band member, John Maclean.

The Western is Maclean’s first feature film and stars Fassbender alongside Ben Mendelsohn and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Composer Jed Kurzel provides the Slow West soundtrack but director MacLean turned to his brother’s band for one song.
Listen to the song below: