Frank Ocean has been working with Hudson Mohawke

The Scottish producer also revealed that he has been collaborating with James Blake

Hudson Mohawke has revealed that he has been collaborating with Frank Ocean and James Blake.

The Scottish producer was asked by a fan on Twitter whether he would work with Blake on a new project. Mohawke responded by revealing he had already recorded a few tracks with the producer and singer.

Mohawke added that he has also produced a track for Frank Ocean but said he was unsure if it would ever see release.

“None of this music is confirmed as ever seeing the light of day n im not gona leak anything,” he wrote.

Last December, a collection of the producer’s instrumentals titled ‘frank o0000oocean’ were uploaded on Reddit. Mohawke later confirmed that they were “some roughs [he] demo’d w a few ppl a year or 2 back” but did not say whether they were in fact intended for Ocean.

Earlier this year, Mohawke threatened to leak unreleased Kanye West and Drake tracks, claiming that neither artist had paid him for his beats.

Mohawke is credited as a co-producer on five tracks from Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ album. He also worked with West on his ‘Yeezus’ LP and co-produced the track ‘Connect’ from Drake’s 2013 album ‘Nothing Was The Same’.