President Obama shares summer playlist featuring Chance the Rapper, Prince, Nas and more

The POTUS reveals what he’s been listening to this summer

President Obama has shared a playlist of his favourite summer songs.

Among the artists that have been given the presidential seal of approval are The Beach Boys, Prince and Nas.

There are a couple of surprises in the form of Chance the Rapper’s ‘Acid Rap’ and Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’ but mostly the POTUS has selected classics by Janet Jackson, D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin.


Neither Kendrick Lamar nor Jay Z made onto the list, despite Obama having previously declared himself a fan of both artists.

Earlier this month, Obama was caught on camera listening to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ to psych himself up for his speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

In May, the president also revealed that he is a fan of black metal while giving a speech in Finland. Obama praised Finland’s heavy metal scene while speaking at state dinner with leaders from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.