Rapper thrown off stage at Lollapalooza for inciting stage invasion

Travis Scott encouraged his crowd to push past security

Houston rapper Travis Scott has been thrown off stage at Lollapalooza this evening, after asking his crowd to push past security and the barriers, creating conditions deemed unsafe by the organizers.

Judging by videos emerging from the event, Scott had attracted a large crowd and was creating quite an atmosphere before his set was closed down.

The crowd flooded the stage after less than three songs, with social media images showing security unable to stop the sheer volume of stage invaders. The show is also thought to have kicked off around half an hour after the scheduled time.

Pictures have emerged purporting to show Scott being led away by police, though the arrest is yet to be confirmed, and Billboard.com are reporting that Scott’s team deny any arrest has been made.

Kanye West, Pusha T and Big Sean have all played a role in the fledgling rapper’s career. His most prominent release to date is the ‘Owl Pharoah’ mixtape, however Scott’s ‘Rodeo Tour’ live show already has a reputation for extremity.

Complex.com, for example, reported being “unsure if we would make it out alive by night’s end?” in their review of the tour, continuing:

“As the show wore on, guys who looked like they just ran the NYC Marathon ejected themselves from the middle of the crowd. I heard “I’m tapping out” declared several times. Each song brought with it a trench-warfare interaction with random dudes.”

Scott’s debut album ‘Rodeo’ is due in early September.