Diddy backs Tidal streaming service: ‘I would bet on Jay Z’

Hip-hop mogul also speaks out about recent riots in Baltimore

Diddy has backed Jay-Z‘s Tidal streaming service.

The controversial system has come in for stiff criticism in recent weeks, forcing Jay Z to publicly defend the service on Twitter.

But Diddy argues that Tidal needs to be given time. He told Billboard: “It’s a great idea for the artist to be involved in the distribution. Everything takes time, so we’ll see in the next couple of years. But I would bet on Jay Z.”


The rapper also revealed that he has no plans for a new album, but he gave an update on his current production duties.

He added: “That’s how I started, producing. So I’m just in there having fun and really just experimenting with some things. But being able to launch new artists or artists that want a different sound for their next album – it’s exciting to get back into producing.”

Diddy also commented on the recent riots in Baltimore following the death of an African-American man Freddie Gray in police custody.

He added: “Baltimore is something that people have to realise is not just something that is just occurring over this one tragedy.

“The black community are the forgotten ones – just like people are in poverty all over this country, but especially the black community.

“So you have a lot of built-up frustration especially in the kids that see their future is bleak and they are being forgotten. People need to pay attention to that… Something has to change soon.”