St Vincent questions ‘authenticity’ of artists who ‘stand there with a beard and their feelings’

Singer answers questions at Chicago exhibition dedicated to Bowie

St Vincent has spoken about David Bowie’s influence on her work, stating that without him “none of us would be here today”.

The multi-instrumentalist took part in the talk last Saturday (January 3) with music critic Jessica Hopper at the David Bowie Is exhibition, hosted by Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art since September.

During the sold-out interview on the penultimate day of the exhibition, the singer chatted about her disastrous early rock costumes and how Bowie has affected her. “When did it become more authentic to just stand onstage with no lights or costume or theatricality and just stand up there with a beard and your feelings?” the singer said.

“He [David Bowie] had a myriad of aesthetics and was constantly changing – but it was always rooted in music. If David Bowie wasn’t a great songwriter, none of us would be here today, sitting and talking about authenticity as a guise.”

St Vincent is known for her own theatrical shows. St Vincent’s self-titled album was named as NME’s 2014 Album Of The Year 2014 and was placed seventh in NME’s Albums Of The Decade So Far.