Metallica: ‘Playing one of our songs is equal to eight Rolling Stones songs’

The metallers say they wouldn't be able to carry on playing in their 70s like the rockers

Metallica have said that they couldn’t continue playing until they are in their 70s like The Rolling Stones because their stage show is more intense.

The metal band followed The Rolling Stones’ 2013 headline slot on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage last night (June 27), becoming the first metal band to top the bill in its 44-year history, with a set that brought a flag-waving army of fans onstage and began with a video skit referencing the controversy around their performance. Read the full report here.

Speaking to NME about whether they plan to continue touring with the same level of intensity, guitarist Kirk Hammett said: “I saw the Stones last year in San Francisco and I thought they played fucking great, and for a bunch of guys who are 70-plus, it was a pretty amazing feat.”

“I don’t know if we can do what we can do when we’re in our 70s, because playing one of our songs is equal to eight Stones songs in terms of physical energy and intensity. Maybe we’ll work out a model that enables us to go for another 20 years, but I personally think we have another 10. Maybe that’s one album, maybe that’s two albums, I don’t know.”

Earlier today (June 28), Metallica have said that they would “love” to come back and headline Glastonbury Festival again. We have one shot, you never know if you’ll be invited back,” drummer Lars Ulrich said. “I want to soak up every second of this thing. We would love to come back.”

Michael Eavis was this morning effusive in his praise for the metal band. “They put so much into it, like their lives depended on it,” said the Glastonbury organiser. “They were so keen to do it, they always wanted to play and they just delivered a show. People loved it.”

The final day of the festival will see a headline slot from Kasabian on the Pyramid Stage, Massive Attack on the Other Stage, Disclosure on the West Holts Stage and James Blake on the Park Stage. Keep up to date with all the latest action throughout the day on NME.COM.

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