NYPD settle lawsuit with rapper who was ‘forced to rap for his freedom’

Sauce Da Boss quit rapping after 'humiliating' arrest incident

An aspiring rapper who was allegedly forced to rap for two police officers to avoid arrest has settled his lawsuit with the New York Police Department for $7,500 (£4,515).

Sauce Da Boss, real name Quinshon Shingles, was handcuffed as part of a raid on his apartment building in December 2011. Officers David Grieco and Joseph Patton didn’t have a warrant when they reportedly “coerced” the building’s security guard to give them duplicate keys when seeking to arrest another tenant.

Shingles said that, as part of the raid, he was handcuffed, but that Grieco and Patton promised to release him if he “spit bars” to their liking. “They said ‘Let us hear something and, if it’s good enough, we’ll let you go,” Shingles told New York Daily News. After rapping for approximately one minute, he was released.

Shingles quit rapping after the incident. “That incident right there, that killed it for me,” he said. His fellow tenant Donyale Kitchen has received $4,500 (£2,700) as part of the settlement. The NYPD has denied any wrongdoing. Patton has since been promoted to detective, while Grieco has been formally investigated for 12 cases of civil rights violations.