Azealia Banks says she will leak debut album on April 15

'Broke With Expensive Taste' was first due for release in 2012

Azealia Banks has said that she will leak her debut album on April 15.

The much delayed ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ album has been put on hold numerous times in the past, and was originally slated for release in 2012. However, in a tweet sent last night (March 20), Banks named a date when she plans to distribute the album for free online.

The move echoes a similar move made by Angel Haze in 2013 when she leaked her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ after being told its release would be delayed into the new year. The LP was due to drop on March 3, 2014, but Haze wanted to release it this year because it was finished. ‘Dirty Gold’ eventually got its release in December.

Earlier this year Banks slated her label Universal on Twitter, begging another label to get her out of the contract and expressing regret and not having signed with Sony. The New York rapper sent an initial tweet declaring: “I REALLY should have signed with Sony.” She quickly followed this up by asking: “Can someone at Sony buy me off of Universal please?? i’m really in hell here.”