The Vaccines heading to a farm to work on third album

Bassist Arni Arnason said the group are off to 'a farm or a barn' for their new LP sessions

The Vaccines‘ bassist Arni Arnason has said that the band are heading to a “a farm or a barn… somewhere in England” in a couple of weeks, to work on their third album.

Arnason has said that the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Come Of Age’ is currently in the works, commenting: “The Vaccines are currently sort of just in writing mode, we’re sort of hooking up in a couple of weeks to sort of lock ourselves in a… I don’t know… a farm or a barn or a something, somewhere in England. I don’t know any details, I’ll just show up where I’m told to be, when I’m told to be there so we’ll be doing that soon and writing and just enjoying.”

He made the comments whilst co-hosting XFM‘s Communion show, which will be broadcast this Sunday (March 2) at 10pm.

At the end of last year, The Vaccines frontman Justin Young said that the band won’t be releasing their third album any time soon. Young explained to XFM that the band had already started writing the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Come Of Age’, but in a “solitary manner”. He commented: “We’ve always written in quite a solitary manner so we’ve actually already started writing the next record. I kind of feel by admitting that people are going to expect it sooner than perhaps we’re ready to put it out.”

He added: “We’re not set on releasing it any time soon. When we feel like we’ve made the best record we’re capable of making, which is hopefully sooner rather than later, then we’ll put it out and we’re halfway to doing that really.”

The band’s last release, the ‘Melody Calling’ EP, was recorded during the band’s US sessions in March 2013 at Eldorado Studios in Burbank, Los Angeles, with producers John Hill (Rihanna, MIA, Santigold) and Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys).