As I Lay Dying frontman pleads guilty to plotting to kill wife

Singer Tim Lambesis admits trying to pay undercover agent to murder his ex-partner

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has pleaded guilty of plotting to kill his wife.

As Billboard reports, the singer entered the plea at a court in California and admitted he had paid a police officer posing as a hitman $1,000 (£630) to kill his wife Meggan Lambesis, as well as giving over pictures of her and gate codes to their home.

Lambesis, who has admitted a felony charge of murder solicitation, will now face up to nine years in prison as a punishment for the attempted hit. According to prosecutors, he had also agreed to pay $20,000 to the ‘hitman’ once he had completed the job, and had asked him to kill her while he was looking after their children to guarantee he had an alibi.

The sting operation had been set into action after Lambesis told his personal trainer at the gym he used that he wanted to get rid of his wife as she was delaying their divorce proceedings and was making it hard for him to have access to their three adopted children. The trainer then contacted police and introduced Lambesis to the undercover agent, who called himself ‘Red’.

Prosecutors had previously alleged that the singer was on tour in August when he emailed his wife Meggan, telling her hat he wanted to end their relationship. She later learned that he was having an affair. His defence attorney, meanwhile, said his client had been using steroids for body building, which had altered his mental state.

Lambesis’ sentencing hearing is set to take place on May 2. As I Lay Dying formed in San Diego in 2000 and has released six albums, including 2007’s ‘An Ocean Between Us’, which reached Number Eight on Billboard’s charts. A single from the album, ‘Nothing Left’, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.