Tyler, The Creator: ‘Kanye West is one of the only people in this industry I consider a friend’

The rapper explains why he turned down a Kanye West feature on one of his tracks

Tyler, The Creator has spoken about his love for Kanye West and explained why he turned down a Kanye appearance on one of his tracks.

In an interview with Italian publication PTWSCHOOL, the rapper said: “Kanye is one of the only few people in this industry that I consider a friend. I probably talk to him once a week. We both have a love for art and we hate a lot of the same stuff.”

When asked why he turned down a Kanye West feature on his track ‘IFHY’, Tyler replied: “I don’t want people to think it’s like a diss or a side hit when I say that I denied him. It was just that I played him the album before it was finished and there was a song that he really, really liked on it. He really like it a lot, he wanted to be on it or whatever. And the way that I do features, I specifically pick people for what they’re featured on. And that song, there was nowhere where I though creative-wise he would fit on there.”


He continued: “I love Kanye, I’m a bit fan, but that just wasn’t right for him. Now we’re most likely gonna have things in the future to come but I don’t want people to think I was swinging any negative energy towards him when he wasn’t on the song.”

Tyler, The Creator released his third album ‘Wolf’ on April 2, 2013. It was the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Bastard’ and 2011’s ‘Goblin’.