R Kelly reveals behind-the-scenes footage from ‘Trapped In The Closet’

Rehearsal footage from Chapter 33 of the hip-hop opera is posted online

R Kelly has revealed never before seen footage shot behind the scenes of his Trapped In The Closet hip-hop opera.

The R&B singer posted footage which shows the making of Chapter 33 of the multi-chaptered opera to his YouTube account on July 18. The footage includes scenes from rehearsals cut with the finished scenes from the most recent chapter of the opera. The scene involves Kelly’s character Sylvester and his compatriot Twan as they meet up with the mobster, Beano.

Speaking in 2012, R Kelly revealed that he is adapting his hip-hop opera into a Broadway musical. The R&B star’s bizarre operetta, which he began in 2005, returned late last year with 20 new chapters. Speaking at the premiere of the new chapters at New York’s Landmark Sunshine Theatre, Kelly revealed that he has plans to take the show onto Broadway.

In a post-screening Q&A, Kelly announced he “just got an offer from Broadway to do a Broadway version” and was in the process of adapting the shorts for the stage.

When asked if there was plans for himself to appear in the Trapped In The Closet musical, Kelly added: “Some of the cities, I can’t guarantee all of them, and that’s what’s being negotiated right now because it takes a lot of time to do these chapters—I’m the only one in the studio writing these chapter.”

R Kelly also recently revealed he is working on a lot of country music while making his new studio album.