Lou Reed treated in hospital for severe dehydration

The 71-year old singer underwent a life-saving liver transplant two months ago

Lou Reed has been treated in hospital for severe dehydration.

The 71-year old singer was released yesterday (Monday July 1) from Long Island’s Southampton Hospital after an ambulance was called to his house early on Sunday morning.

“Everything’s fine,” a source told the New York Post.

Last month (June 1), Reed’s wife, the musician and artist Laurie Anderson, revealed that he had been recovering from a life-saving liver transplant but suggested that he might not “ever totally recover” from the surgery. Reed later posted a message to fans on Facebook, where he described himself as a “triumph of modern medicine” and announced that he is looking forward to playing live again.

The former Velvet Underground frontman returned to the stage on June 20, after canceling a string of live dates “due to unavoidable complications”. He appeared at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. “The other day I was 19,” he told the crowd. “I could fall down and get back up. Now if I fall down you are talking about nine months of physical therapy. Make sure you take your vitamins.”