Low answer critics following 27-minute, one-song set at Minnesota festival

Band's Rock The Garden performance consisted of droning version of 'Do You Know How To Waltz'

Low have come under fire following a performance at Minnesota’s Rock The Garden festival, at which they performed a single song that lasted 27 minutes.

Performing on Saturday (June 15) at the US festival, the band turned in a droning performance of their 1996 track ‘Do You Know How To Waltz’ which, judging by the response on Twitter, left most of the audience cold. “Fuck you @lowtheband such assholes u made me make an account to give you a big fuck you!!!!!,” wrote one Twitter user. The local StarTribune’s review read “A good chunk of the crowd was indifferent. Some were genuinely angry and disgusted. Others, mostly longtime fans, were nothing short of thrilled. Everyone was baffled.”

The band’s set, which comprised of nothing but that one song, was broadcast live on local radio. On record, the song lasts for a relatively modest 14 minutes.

Frontman Alan Sparhawk has defended the band’s decision in an interview with StarTribune. “We weren’t really trying to do anything ‘punk’ or pull one over on people,” he said, explaining that the set was the result of various factors. “It was just kind of a weird atmosphere, people coming in during the rain, not really knowing where to go. And then we found out our set had to be a little shorter than planned, to get the schedule on track. So we decided to try to do something beautiful.”

Sparhawk did, however, not regret the band’s actions. “It was a big show, so we wanted to do something big and different. If I was there in the audience, that’s the kind of think I’d like to see a band do.”

Low released their latest album, ‘The Invisible Way’, in 2013.