Lil Wayne causes outrage in US by treading on American flag – watch

Incident revealed in leaked footage from 'God Bless Amerika' video shoot

Rapper Lil Wayne has ruffled feathers in his native United States by walking on the American flag during the filming of a new video.

The incident happened during the shooting of a clip for Lil Wayne’s single ‘God Bless Amerika’ in Hollygrove, New Orleans. In backstage footage revealed yesterday (June 17), the flag can be seen hanging behind Lil Wayne as he begins to rap. When it falls behind him, Wayne walks back and forth over the flag and continues to rap. Scroll down to see the clip.

There was a strong reaction against the stunt on Twitter. “I would like to request that Lil Wayne come over to my neighborhood and try to stomp on an American Flag. I guarantee he gets beat down,” wrote one Twitter user. ” I can’t even believe the US flag was allowed to touch the ground. Then, Lil Wayne steps on it. Real Americans honor our country’s flag,” wrote another. A spokesperson for the organisation Veteran Of Foreign Wars told New York Daily News that walking on the flag is “disrespectful and shouldn’t be done… You’re clearly not supposed to walk on the American flag and he’s doing that in front of a group of people… I would think the respect of the flag needs to be upheld and clearly it’s not.”

It is unclear at this point whether the action was a political protest or simply an accident. A call for comment from Lil Wayne has not yet been returned. The lyrics of the song include the following: “My country ‘tis of thee / Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ‘em die / God bless Amerika / This so godless Amerika… the stars on the flag are never shining.” In the past, Lil Wayne’s track ‘Georgia… Bush’ hit out at the Bush administration. Recently, Wayne lost his endorsement with PepsiCo when some of his lyrics were accused of being insensitive towards civil rights icon Emmett Till.

In Britain, it’s unlikely such an act would receive such a strong reaction. The Stone Roses‘ frontman Ian Brown reportedly mimed the act of wiping his bottom with the British flag during the band’s gig in Mexico City on April 9, and faced no recourse from people back home.

The single ‘God Bless Amerika’ appears on Wayne’s latest album, ‘I Am Not a Human Being II’.