Pharrell Williams says Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ will ‘change mankind’

'Get Lucky' vocalist admits he 'learned a lot' from working with the helmet-wearing Frenchmen

Pharrell Williams has predicted that Daft Punk‘s new album ‘Random Access Memories’ will “change mankind”.

Pharrell appears on the album’s unavoidable lead single ‘Get Lucky’ and another track called ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ and admitted he “learned a lot” from working with the mysterious French duo.

“Well, they’re robots. Think about it. The very definition of a robot, that’s the way they approach everything. Everything is concise, precise, everything is gridded, there are no grey areas for them,” he told Vulture.

“I’ve learned a lot from them. Just not settling. They don’t understand settling – they just don’t understand that,” he continued. “They believe in doing it 200 times more than the previous 200. But that’s why this album is absolutely unbelievable, second to none. Will it change music? I don’t know, because music is a funny thing these days. But will it change man? Mankind? And mentality? Absolutely.”

Pharrell proceeded to single out a track from the album called ‘Touch’ which features Oscar-winning singer-songwriter Paul Williams. “There’s a record they did with Paul Williams – it is going to change your life. Not your mind, your life. It’s the best song I’ve heard in years,” Pharrell enthused.

‘Random Access Memories’ was released on May 17 and debuted at Number One in 22 countries worldwide including the UK and US. Daft Punk have just been confirmed as co-writers of ‘Black Skinhead’, a track from Kanye West’s forthcoming new album ‘Yeezus’ and an unmasked picture of the helmet-wearing Frenchmen has recently appeared online.