Dr Dre draws crowd to central London for rare public appearance

The rapper/producer appears at Beats By Dr Dre event

Dr Dre made a rare public appearance at an event in London’s Covent Garden on Friday (November 9).

The rapper/producer arrived shortly after 3pm to check out the ‘Beats By Dr Dre Show Your Colour’ pop-up photo booth. He was accompanied by his wife Nicole Threatt, whose hand he held as he approached the booth, and a small entourage.

Upon arrival, Dr Dre stepped into the booth to have his picture taken. Soon afterwards, the photo of Dr Dre – decked out in an Adidas tracksuit – was projected onto a large video screen above him.

While perusing the booth, Dre took time to pose for press photos, but he didn’t make a speech or answer questions. The event drew a decent-sized crowd, mainly made up of teenage girls proudly sporting the star’s signature Beats By Dr Dre headphones.

The excitement also attracted one or two more mature tourists. One branded the event “a lot of fuss about nothing”, while another asked NME: “Is that will.i.am?” About 15 minutes after he arrived, Dr Dre left the booth and was whisked away in a silver Mercedes.