Chris Moyles hits out at album critic on Twitter

Radio 1 DJ hits out at journalist on following poor review

Former Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Chris Moyles has hit out at a journalist after he criticised the DJ’s new album in a newspaper review.

Moyles, who released his ‘Difficult Second Album’ this week (November 5), took exception to Andy Dawson’s review of the album in The Mirror and took to Twitter to vent his feelings.

The review was far from complimentary of Moyles’ collection of comedy songs and musical parodies, labelling it “Like a condemned man gobbing on the shoes of his executioner before his head is lopped off,” and adding that it makes; “Black Lace sound like The Best Of The Beatles”. Dawson chose to reply to Moyles Tweet, reminding the DJ of some of the most controversial moments from his career including accusations of homophobia. You can see the full Twitter row by scrolling down the page.