Police investigate rape of a teenage girl at T In The Park

Reports are said to be ongoing

Police are investigating the rape of a teenage girl who reported being attacked at T In The Park festival, which took place last weekend (July 7-10) in Kinross, Scotland.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on the Thursday night of the event (July 7), in the campsite at Strathallan Castle. The girl is thought to have spent her evening at T In The Park’s Slam Tent.

Speaking about the investigation, a Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police are making enquiries into a report of a rape of an 18-year-old female on Thursday evening. Our enquiries are ongoing.”


Sean Gillies from Edinburgh, who attended T In The Park, told the Herald Scotland: “The festival should be a place for people to come and be safe and have a good time. For a woman to be attacked is just terrible. It’s crazy that something like this would happen.”

News of the alleged rape comes after two teenagers died at the festival site. Megan Bell and Peter MacCallum, both 17, suffered reported drug overdoses in separate incidents as this year’s event.

Shortly after, police issued a warning over a dangerous batch of green ‘Rolex’ ecstasy pills that are thought to be in circulation. They have not been connected to the two deaths, but police believe that they are toxic and could contain the harmful substance para-Methoxyamphetamine.

T In The Park festival organiser Geoff Ellis spoke about the deaths of the two teenagers at this year’s festival on Sunday (July 10). He told BBC Newsbeat: “To say the deaths haven’t hit us hard would be a massive understatement. We like to think of T In The Park being one big family so there have been two deaths in our extended family.”