Kate Nash marks Halloween by recreating Buffy The Vampire Slayer – watch

Singer pairs up with Emmy The Great for a rendition of an episode the cult TV show

Kate Nash marked Halloween by recreating the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer at a special show last night (October 31).

The pop-rocker was joined at London’s Hackney Picturehouse by Emmy The Great and a cast of friends to cover the tracks from the 2001 episode of the cult show Once More, With Feeling. The episode sees Buffy and her ‘Scooby Gang’ possessed by a Broadway-loving demon who compels them to reveal their deepest secrets through song.

Nash, dressed as season one era high-school Buffy, and Emmy The Great, playing Willow, took lead vocals on each of the original songs from the episode, from ‘Going Through The Motions’ through to ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’, with a finale of the Buffy theme song itself. Once More, With Feeling was then projected on the stage, before they returned for an encore.

Before her performance, Nash described the show as “the best day of my life,” and explained that it was the culmination of a long-standing dream for her and her friend.

She said: “Me and Emmy were spending loads of time together over the summer having an emotional time and we used to just drink bottles of wine and watch Buffy and watch movies with Cher in and tweet Cher quite a lot. We used to say that our two dreams were for Cher to tweet us back and for us to cover all of the Buffy songs from Once More, With Feeling and do a Buffy show. And suddenly we’re doing it and doing rehearsals and now it’s like the biggest dream of my life coming true.”

Earlier this week, the pair met Nicholas Brendan, who played Xander in the show while he was in London for Joss Whedon fan convention Hallowhedon, and he filmed a special introduction to the show. They are now planning to make the Buffy tribute an annual event.

Yesterday, Nash debuted a new track ‘Fri-End?’’ with a vampire-inspired video. Emmy The Great meanwhile last week filmed a video with ex-boyfriend Tim Wheeler for their festive track ‘Zombie Christmas’.

Listen to ‘Going Through The Motions’ from Once More, With Feeling below.