Wes Borland: ‘I’m in Limp Bizkit to stay’

Guitarist says he's accepted that 'Limp Bizkit is my band'

Wes Borland has said he will not quit Limp Bizkit again and has accepted that he belongs in the nu-metal band.

Borland has quit the Fred Durst-fronted outfit twice, only to return each time, and despite telling Metal Hammer in 2008 that “there was no amount of money” that would persuade him to rejoin the band, he has now said he accepts that Limp Bizkit is “his band”.

Speaking to Music Radar, Borland said:

I’m in Limp Bizkit to stay. I’ve accepted the fact that Limp Bizkit is my band, one that I’m a part of, a band that I’ve built from the beginning. It does me no good to be in somebody else’s band playing their music, like Marilyn Manson or Korn. Being in Limp Bizkit allows me to be myself.

Borland also opened up about his departure from the band in 2001, admitting that he was embarrassed by the way the band were spoken about and despite being hugely successful, he felt like he had to leave.

He said:

When I left the first time in 2001, I was 26 and I had absolutely had it with people making fun of the band. I felt embarrassed to have my peers write off what I was doing. We were so successful and at the top of our game, yet we were this huge target for everybody’s hate. I didn’t know how to handle it.

The guitarist, who played on the band’s new album ‘Gold Cobra’, which was released last month, added that he’s enjoyed being back in the band as he feels they are now “underdogs” again.

Replying to a question about whether he felt Limp Bizkit had been accepted by critics, he said:

No, we’re not. But I’ve accepted that. What’s interesting is, because the deck is stacked against us and we’re now the underdogs, I’m interested again in a weird way. People don’t care about us now. Things are harder for us. For some very weird reason, that’s interesting and exciting to me.