Lana Del Rey sings original ‘Born To Die’ lyrics at packed Hollywood instore gig

Singer also scotches rumours that she cancelled tour after 'Saturday Night Live' controversy

Thousands of fans in Los Angeles queued around the block to watch Lana Del Rey play an exclusive instore gig at Hollywood’s Amoeba Records yesterday (February 7).

The free show was Del Rey’s first public performance since her debut album, ‘Born To Die’, topped the UK charts at the weekend. Taking to the stage at 6pm (PST) to rowdy applause and loud cheers, Del Rey smiled and laughed when a fan screamed “marry me” during the opening bars of her first song, ‘Born To Die’.

During the track, Del Rey recited the original lyrics of the song, singing “let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain” instead of the new, tamer album version, “kiss you hard“. As the crowd whooped at her choice to sing the original, racier lyric, Del Rey grinned.

Accompanied by piano, she later sang a request for “a little more reverb” from the soundman, before playing her acclaimed 2011 single, ‘Video Games’.

Queuing for the evening performance was officially supposed to begin at 4pm, but fans at the front of the line arrived at 6am in the morning and hundreds of people were already waiting on a side street by Amoeba’s Sunset Boulevard address at 3.15pm.

Del Rey thanked her fans for their support a number of times during the short set, saying: “It hasn’t been very easy this, but you make it so nice. I’m so glad to be here.” Before her final song, she made further reference to the criticism she has faced over the past few months, adding: “I do just want to say, thank you for everything, and you know what I mean.”

After the performance, Del Rey stayed in the independent record shop to sign copies of ‘Born To Die’ for fans.

Yesterday, it was reported that the singer had cancelled a US tour after her much-discussed performance on Saturday Night Live, but according to Pitchfork Del Rey’s representatives have now claimed she hadn’t shelved any scheduled dates.

Lana Del Rey played:

‘Born To Die’
‘Blue Jeans’
‘Summertime Sadness’ – a capella snippet
‘Million Dollar Man’
‘Video Games’
‘Without You’