Westlife to reunite with Brian McFadden?

Shane Filan says it will happen 'someday'

Westlife have hinted that they will reunite with former member Brian McFadden “someday”.

Last year McFadden, who quit the band in 2004, wrote on Twitter.comBrianMcFaddem: “I had a dream I was back on stage with Westlife playing some crazy-sized football stadium.

“I would love to do an album with the boys and show JLS and Take That what we are really made of! If the boys wanna challenge these newcomers I am up for a fight.”

However, member Shane Filan responded at the time by saying: “I don’t think it’s even remotely interesting if Brian came back.”

Filan has now had a change of heart, telling the Daily Record: “I’d never rule out Brian coming back because there never was a bad patch with him. Brian was great with fans.

“I definitely think some day it would be great fun to sing with Brian again. It could be in 10 years time but I think it will happen.”

He added: “I look up to bands like Take That who are the best out there and it was good to see them put the past behind them and move on by having Robbie back.”