Nicola Roberts denies Girls Aloud ever split in the first place

'Beat Of My Drum' singer insists group are simply on a break

Nicola Roberts has dismissed talk of a Girls Aloud reunion, claiming the group never split up in the first place.

The girl group have not released an album since ‘Out Of Control’ almost three years ago, and Roberts has just released her debut solo single ‘Beat Of My Drum’.

But in a new interview with Attitude, the singer has angrily denied that there was ever any split to reunite from, insisting they are simply taking a break to work on other projects.


Roberts said: “It pisses us off that everyone talks about a reunion. We’ve not split up, this isn’t a reunion situation. We’ve just taken a break. There are so many artists who take time between records. Just because Beyonce doesn’t make a record for three years doesn’t mean she’s given up.”

Talking of supposed rifts between the group, she added: “It upsets us because no matter how much you say it’s a load of crap, you get scared that it deflates the fans. It makes us angry but what can you do? Until the five of us are back on stage together it’s not going to go away.”

Roberts releases her solo album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ this autumn.