Frankie Cocozza: ‘I regret being fired from ‘X Factor’ – video

Fired singer also talks of possible solo project

Frankie Cocozza has revealed that he has “regret” following his firing from The X Factor.

The singer was axed from the show for boasting about taking cocaine, which meant he allegedly broke one of the “golden rules” of the show.

In our exclusive video interview, which you can see by scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking, the singer said of being fired: “I feel free. I wasn’t really happy in there if I’m being honest. It’s sad how it all came out. I regret breaking ‘the golden rule’ but I can’t do anything to change it.”

When asked about the possibility of recording a solo album, he said: “I don’t think anyone’s going to come up to me and ask me to make an album,” before adding that he was into Ed Sheeran and the Arctic Monkeys.

A report in The Sun from the time he was fired claims that he broke one of the show’s ‘golden rules’ by discussing his use of Class A drugs in front of production staff.

Cocozza, who had previously been lectured by the show’s bosses for his reported all-night partying sessions and womanising, said: “I would like to apologise to Gary [Barlow], my fellow contestants and everyone who has voted for me, but, as of today, I will no longer be in The X Factor.

“My life during the show has gone out of control and my behaviour off stage has over-stepped the rules of the competition. I no longer deserve my place in the show, so I am therefore leaving. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me.”