Plan B urges rioters to reconsider

'She Said' singer slams riots in podcast

Plan B has slammed the UK rioters in a new podcast which appeared on his website today (August 9).

The singer, real name Ben Drew, ranted that all his hard work was being undone, stating:

People like me, who are trying to change the way that middle England look at the underclass, have a bit more compassion for them with my manners and other projects and just shit that I generally stand for when it comes to the underclass. I mean, how the fuck can I stand up for that anymore. And nobody’s going to have any sympathy for those guys any more, they’re just ruining good work that people are doing within the community to change things.

Plan B went on to question the motives of the rioters, citing frustration as a key feature of the attacks. He continued:

I don’t think they’re doing it out of anger towards the government. I don’t think they’re smart enough to even realize that that could be an excuse. I think they’re doing it because they wanna get some free shit because they ain’t got shit and they’re angry at that.

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