Coheed And Cambria reveal new material plans

Bandmembers all 'working on music constantly' for new release

Coheed And Cambria have revealed they are writing music for a possible new album.

The New Jersey rock band famed for their intricate conceptual prog collections, released their last album ‘Year Of The Black Rainbow’ in 2010.

Speaking to, guitarist Travis Stever explained how the group are “working on music constantly, so there’s ideas all over the place.”

“Once we get together as a band and work those ideas out, we’ll see what happens,” added Stever. “I have a feeling whatever the band decides to do, it’s going to be great.”

The guitarist stated however, that there is no rush from the four-piece to set a deadline for the new album.

“I can’t remember a time in the past 10 years when the next three months head weren’t planned already,” he said. “Right now I think it’s important for us to live in the now a little bit more. We put on a better show living in the now, and we’ll go on to what’s next and the next thing when we’re ready.”