Google music store expected to be unveiled later today

Download store will feature tracks from three major music companies, claim reports

Google are expected to unveil their long-awaited music store later today (November 16), according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal are reporting that the search giant will announce that their download store is open at a press conference in Los Angeles this afternoon, and also claimed that they are on the verge of closing deals with three major music companies ahead of the launch.

It is thought that Google will have finalised agreements with Sony Music, Universal and EMI that will allow them to sell songs by their artists online in time for the announcement, and they are also rumoured to have the additional support of several independent music labels.

The Google music store will reportedly sell songs for approximately $1 (60p), with users who buy tracks also set to have the option of sharing one or two free listens with their contacts on social networking service Google+.

Last month, it was reported that the launch of the Google music store was “weeks away” following rumours that they had nearly closed negotiations with record labels about opening an MP3 store.

In May, they were forced to launch their ‘Music Beta’ service without the support of major record labels because they worried that their proposed ‘smart locker system’ – which would allow users to link their libraries to a central database – would not help prevent piracy.