Tyler, The Creator: ‘Peter Andre might be one of the greatest things I’ve experienced’

The OFWGKTA leader also talks about his Pharrell Williams and Nas collaborations

Tyler, The Creator was recently subjected to Peter Andre for the first time and jokingly said that the video to his 1995 single ‘Mysterious Girl’ “might be one of the greatest things I’ve experienced”.

During an interview in a London café with Radio 1‘s DJ Semtex, the video was played on a television screen and prompted quite a reaction from a stunned Tyler.

“Dude, this is so bad,” he grinned. The rapper added:

I wonder what the music sounds like. This might be one of the greatest things I’ve experienced!

During the interview Tyler also spoke about the success of his recent album ‘Goblin’, saying: “I’m selling out shows in fucking countries I can’t even pronounce… I’m doing great.”

He also discussed working with Pharrell Williams on a track for the forthcoming Pusha T album, explaining how much of a fan he was of the N.E.R.D man:

I wanna do more with him though, we got to get in the studio soon. He’s been busy, but we have plans for future shit… I’m too much of a fucking ‘Stan’. I might keep my distance because I’m a really big fan and it just might get weird.

Tyler spoke about the track he’s working on with Nas and fellow OFWGKTA members Frank Ocean and Hodgy Beats too. “I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s cool – you’ll just have to hear it! The subject is as cool as fuck.”

Watch the interview in full here.